When you need support, I use a variety of methods to support you. I will visit you your business office in person where your computer is setup. I use remote control software, LogMeIn® and work with you remotely controlling your desktop from my office. This is a fast, affordable, and hassle free service. I also use Skype and video conference. You can call me any time at 715-532-0269 or e-mail me at

Many tax and accounting clients out source all of their tax filing and bookkeeping tasks to me. I keep accurate records of your tax filing schedules then quickly affordably file and maintain your accounting and tax schedules.

In short, I offer support in person, remotely, via e-mail and phone using current technology. I offer flexible appointment scheduling to meet my client’s busy schedules. Many clients out source all of their tax and bookkeeping tasks to me. I take care of this for you quickly and affordably for a low monthly fee.


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